In the beginning was the Freedom.

I wondered what has ever inspired me enough to be prepared to believe. And there it was, incredibly glowing like the coziest warmth ever; the rest of ideas about our name were suddenly fired. It was Red. As if the stars were suddenly ordered in hundreds and hundreds of clouds from comic books and in each of them was written Red, Red, Red!
Think Red. Like all those who dared to challenge the official version of the truth, which was oppression, and transform it into something that makes you surprised, amazed and provoked.
I wish you could say: I’ve read it gladly, too.


Production house RED, Institute for the pleasures of reading
Encouraging ethical solutions for our well-being.

Discovering bonds on the crossroads of creativity, knowledge and spirit
with creative eros of a new energy

  • We create things and places for the growth of responsible freedom:
  • we make films and music, we organize exhibitions and “getting-together”s
  • we publish books, write them, translate and edit them, present them to readers
  • we innovate

Ph RED enables:  Encouragement, Growth &
Enjoyment of reading letters/images/shapes/sounds/decisions/symbols.
The homonym in the name – RED (means ORDER or RED color …)– it encourages the liveliness of the designation: at a point, where we could predict strictness and tidiness, we are offering the cross web of contrasts. The harmony is created by the trust in Universum. What we see inspires us: the air is not just air; it is rich with symbols, roads, collisions, meetings, gazes. Yet it is still an air.
What we believe is more than a faith – happiness is limitless when being connected.