Tadeja Zupan

* Born on September 25th 1969 in Slovenia, EU.

Founder and Owner: Ph RED, an independent producer and author;
Encouraging ethical decisions of attuned mind, body and spirit.

Working currently on an innovative project in a field of nature, creativity and energies
(Glowing of new Energies)

* Graduated at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Comparative Literature in 1993.
* Worked at Delo for 13 years, the biggest and most influential broadsheet daily newspaper in Slovenia, in the beginning as a redactor, since 1995 as an assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of the Sunday edition, and from 2004 till 2006 as an Executive Editor of Sobotna priloga, National opinionmaker supplement of Delo.
* Since December 2008 a co-founder of the family enterprise named Production house RED / Institute for the Pleasures of Reading – www.ph-red.net

  • Publisher, Editor, Translator, worked for 7 years as a book editor with several awarded authors in Slovenia (young adults and cross-over literature, more than 200 titles)
  • Screenwriter, producer, director and actor in a few movies presented on national TV (Črkovna luknja in November 2011, Atlas of Words in May 2013) along with my husband (musician and director)
  • Curator of series of exhibitions titled Brat/Must be read,my Brother; IzBrana dela/REDolent works, thematizing a connection between reading and images, and founder of the Literary festival attached to the exhibition (First one in May 2012, Second Edition in November 2013 in Cankarjev dom, Third one in November 2014 in Ljubljana Municipality)
  • Producer and Author of several projects in cooperation with Cankarjev Dom since 2012 (educational music program titled ‘El-Classic.com, performance titled ‘EU si muove’, educational music program titled ‘Etnotronica II’, talk show titled Glowing of new Energies since 2014, educational multimedia www.atlas-besed.net since 2015
  • Author, host and producer of an inventive talk-show in main Slovenian Cultural Institute Cankarjev Dom titled Glowing of new Energies, hosting most prominent researchers in the field of knowing the human kind and the Universe (mostly therapists, engineers, scientists, PhD’s and MD’s, working successfully in the field of well-being and ethical solutions); 5th season began and ended in 2019.

Lives with son Aleks, occasionally also with the other son Julian, and with one cat – Lady Behemoth